FrontPage 2003 Ad Goof

By Deane Barker on February 9, 2004

This is too funny. This is an ad for FrontPage 2003. Check line 28. If they remove the ad or switch it for a corrected version, I’ll post the goof.



  1. Also notice that multiple lines should kick down the numbering, aka word wrap. Then again, it is FP and maybe hard returns every 30 characters is normal. My guess is someone in an ad agency did this. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  2. Tim wrote >…it is FP and maybe hard returns every 30 characters is normal.

    FP2003 is quite a nice tool, you’ll need your gloves on when you use it and it can trip you up

    But carriage return and white-space control is available as an option if you care to look for it; along with options to remove comments, apply XHTML rules – not too badly – reformatting of source: basically an HTML tabbing routine; as I said a wrap at line ‘nn’

    “Guns don’t kill people robbers do” went the chorus of a bad song I saw on MTV the other day – much the same could be said of FP2003, if you give it enough rope it will hang you, but spend an hour with the ‘site settings’ and ‘options’ and suddenly you have a working tool- the JavaScript and HTML Intellisense(TM) are very nice and FP can do some nice table work if you are not of the mind that CSS2 is the law ;)

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