Gateway’s Transformation

By Deane Barker on June 11, 2003

Gateway feels lure of consumer electronics: Here’s more on the Gateway transformation I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Moving toward a business model it calls ‘branded integrator,’ Gateway is preparing to unveil a wide range of consumer-electronics products that work together and share content. It is also designing services to help customers install and operate their new gear.

They’re releasing scads of new products:

…50 products in 15 new categories by the middle of November. These products, organized under six or seven new product lines, will include a new line of plasma televisions, LCD televisions, DVD players, home theaters built around digital projectors and connectivity products.

Gateway is very much on the right track here. The line between computers and consumer electronics like TVs, stereos, DVD players, gaming systems, etc. will begin to blur in the next decade. All these things will need to play together. Look for Gateway to do good things here.