Grid-Accelerated After Effects

By on February 9, 2004

Adobe is teaming up with GridIron Software to produce a (relatively) low-cost grid accelerated version of After Effects.

Adding GridIron’s XLR8 technology to After Effects — which produces motion graphics and other effects for film and the web — will allow users to use processor time on other computers on the network to shorten rendering & preview times. According to GridIron, the benefits of adding grid technology will be dramatic:

The bundled grid technology is expected to provide linear performance improvement, so preview and rendering will be completed nearly twice as fast on two computers than on one, three times as fast on three computers, and so on. Setting up a grid to achieve this increased speed is accomplished by installing the GridIron XLR8 and After Effects software components and connecting the computers together via a network.

This is the first time that grid technology has been put in reach of small to medium businesses, and it supposedly takes few special skills to set up and operate. And the possibilities that this opens up for applying the technology to other Adobe applications… There is hope for us who spend too much waiting for rasterizing and rendering operations!

See the press release on GridIron’s website.