Hail Umbrella

By on February 9, 2004

Nissan is deploying a device they believe will protect the car lots at their plants from being damaged by hail. The sonic cannon sends sound waves 50,000 feet into the air in an attempt to keep hailstones from forming.

It automatically activates when its own weather radar system detects conditions favorable for the formation of hail. It fires every 5.5 seconds, making a sound we know can be heard at least five miles away from the Nissan plant near Canton.

If they’d only develop the same sort of thing to deter tornadoes I’d feel much safer living here in South Dakota.

Thanks Leo.



  1. Oh great. What kind of unintended consequences will come of this? Think of the butterfly effect amplified a few billion times.

  2. Tornado fighting unit is coming by the same cie that manufactured the Hailstop and will be a transportable unit dedicated to break tornado.

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