By Deane Barker on February 8, 2004

HostsToggle: A lot of times, I need to develop on a remote server without switching a DNS record. But for most sites to work right, I have to call it by the domain name (usually so absolute URL paths will work).

To get around this, I often create a manual entry in my hosts file to override DNS and “hardcode” that domain name. This can get tedious. This tool looks like just the ticket, and it makes me wonder why I didn’t just write this myself with a DOS batch file.

HostsToggle makes turning the Hosts file “on” and “off” as easy as clicking a button. The Hosts file can also be automatically restored after a specified amount of time—great if you keep forgetting to turn the Hosts back on! And finally, you can easily load alternate Hosts files (saved with the extension .tgl) so that instead of completely turning off the Hosts file, you can load one without the entries that are causing you trouble.

Via LockerGnome.