Auto Movie Rental Suggestions

By Deane Barker on February 8, 2004

What To Rent: Its first recommendation for me was “Maverick.” Too bad I hate westerns. I don’t care much for Jodie Foster, either.

The single greatest question troubling mankind at this time is “What movie should I rent ?”. We are here to answer that question! What to Rent is a website linked to a computer-cluster that will recommend a movie for you to watch based upon your personality and the type of film experience you are looking for.

It doesn’t require any personal information to create a profile, not even an email address. And no new password to remember. Refreshing.



  1. i wasn’t expecting much from this page, but i used it once and it recommended “run lola run” and i rented it and i loved it

    i’ve used it a couple times since and its really works, check it out

  2. Apparently, my all-time fave will be Antonio Banderas craptastrophe ‘Desperado’.

    Why in the heck does it ask you to write a paragraph on the war in Iraq? Is that a test to see if you’ll fill that out or not? Made me very suspicious of what the motives behind the thing are.

    Nice sliders, though.

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