The Joe Job

By Deane Barker on February 5, 2004

Sabotage! Coping With The Joe Job: I didn’t know this had a name, but it turns out that “Joe Job” refers to the tactic of someone sending out spams that appear to come from you and your domain. Millions of them, all designed to make you look bad. It happened to this guy, and he shares tips on how to recover.

You might expect to be contacted by your Web host and domain registrar; however, you may never receive these emails if your email account is filled with large files and profane emails. You can then expect to have your services revoked, as your service providers will, no doubt, have very strict policies against spamming. If you are ever able to clear up the situation with your service providers, you will likely find it difficult to send email or gain the trust of the public again, as your domain name will be blacklisted by many major spam filtering companies.