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By Deane Barker on February 4, 2004

South Dakota Cellular Service Information and Reviews: Those of you living in big metro areas generally have no problems with cell phone coverage. However, those of us out here in the sticks of South Dakota aren’t so lucky. It can be a hit-or-miss affair.

Here’s a good example of a regionally-relevant blog run out of Brookings, South Dakota. It’s a page with information and news about cellular service in the rural regional area.

The wireless carriers in the state are listed at the right. Find the carrier of interest and begin. The impatient can skip right to the recommendation if they wish.



  1. Some of the recos are a bit dated – it’s been a while since I updated things. There’s a drastic need of a major overhaul of, mostly, the pricing structures. Coverage is fairly consistent — in most cases, consistently crappy.

  2. I had a great rural plan with cellular one. It had perfect reception and I never had a problem until the screen on my phone cracked. I did not think that phone insurance was necessiary since the phone was orignally free. I asked them if there was an older model I could recive for a small fee or if they would replace my phone. I could do neither. the cellphone company wanted me to buy a phone just like the one I recieved for free but now it would cost one hundred and forty dollors. this would not do; so I decided I would change companys and start a new plan. I asked Cellular one if I could cancel my plan. They said that I could if I paid two hundred and fifty dollors. Be very careful when you choose cellphone companies because you may accidently get a plan with the most disengenuous people on earth!

  3. Not sure why people have those problems. From what i understand you are dealing with middle people when getting a free cell phone. They will buy cell phone for you but will make money later since cariers paying them commissions based on air time usage. So, the issue is to find good middle company or pay big buck for your phone. I did a good research .. there is few companies that worth dealing with .. i got my Motorola V600 from this site A friend of mine found some more good ddeals on google and msn. Nither me or him had any bad issues with caverage, phones or carriers.

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