Tivo Users Like Janet

By Deane Barker on February 3, 2004

TiVo: Jackson stunt most replayed moment ever: Tivo has forever changed how we watch TV.

When Justin Timberlake tore at Janet Jackson’s leather outfit during Sunday’s Super Bowl half-time show, TiVo users took notice. Then they took notice again and again, using the digital video recorder to replay the event and to pause at the crucial moment in order to discern just what it was that Jackson had revealed to millions of Americans.



  1. I’ve always known that if I were to purchase a Tivo I wouldn’t be able to live without it. Part of the reason I’ve resisted buying one is I don’t like the idea of paying a service fee just to have one. Now I have another reason. Allowing Tivo to know what I record and how often I watch it is a little more info than I care to share.

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