Bill Clinton: Email Addict

By Deane Barker on January 28, 2004

Clinton’s gift to Internet age: only 2 e-mails: You’d think he’d be more prolific, given that his vice-president invented the Internet and all.

The archives of the Bill Clinton presidential library will contain 39,999,998 e-mails by the former president’s staff and two by the man himself.

“The only two he sent,” Skip Rutherford, president of the Clinton Presidential Foundation, which is raising money for the library, said on Monday.

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  1. I wish your constitution will change and you will be president again. I think Mr.Bush can be only a cowboy.You were the best of all of them.Noone can climb your top.

  2. Oh, shut up. Who cares if he received adulterous oral sex while in office? Did it affect his job performance in any negative way? Hell, the economy was spectacular (albeit a bit overinflated), unemployment was at a low, we had a national budget /surplus/ of 350 billion dollars, et cetera. What has GWB done for us? Oooheee! A one-time 300 dollar check! Ding-dang-doodly-doo! Sure am glad he got… well… sort of, but not really… elected! Aside from that little “tax return” thing that barely benefitted anyone at all (’cause let’s face it, I don’t really see how getting 300 dollars is going to “spur the economy” or make anyone want to run out and buy a car), he’s pissed away almost a trillion dollars in government money. We went from a surplus of 350 billion dollars to a deficit of around 570 billion. Boy, THAT’s an iimprovement! Then there’s the “War on Terror” which is a friggin’ joke, because we’re never going to win it and it only makes us look like a bunch of retards. Foreign policy has been demolished; nearly every other country in the world hates us. We’re passing laws that seem to be turning this country into the very thing we claim to be fighting against. The Patriot Act is one of the most horrible, atrocious acts ever, and basically strip away everyone’s rights unnecessarily. Did you know that you can be arrested if the president says so? You don’t even have to be guilty of a crime. If you’re a “threat to the nation”, in the president’s eyes, you can be arrested. Additionally, you can be held without being able to communicate with anyone (lawyers, family, etc) and, to complete the turd-pile on the constitution, you don’t even have to be told what you’re being detained for. Great, huh?

    So you tell me which president was worse: Clinton for getting blown in office, or Bush for totally pissing all over the US over the last few years?

    You people are so goddamned aggravating. “Let’s focus on the superficial! Let’s be ignorant morons who don’t focus on REAL, IMPORTANT issues and instead focus on who’s getting a blowjob, because SEX SEX SEX OMFG SEX! It’s SO EXCITING! Who wants to talk about boring politics when you can gossip about someone famous spilling jizz onto an overcoat? Gigglegigglegiggle!


  3. Dammit, I called W and this guy is still on the loose? I clearly told W that I didn’t like him, and he should be arrested. Why is he still free!? We need to strengthen the Patriot Act…

  4. Fret not. We’re watching him. Just waiting for word from the big guy before we drop the hammer.

    by the way; just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that everyone ISN’T out to get you.

  5. Thanks John. I’d like to know what books he checked out of the library as well. Do that in between making other countries hate us.

  6. Oh no…based on the comments that are trickling in here, I think this post has gotten some magical level of search engine saturation that will cause people to think that this post was by Clinton or Bush or whatever they thing when they start addressing the subject as if he wrote it…

    Remember the “Bill Gates, Philanthropist” saga?

  7. J Crowley, obviously, has not spoken to “nearly every other country in the world ” that “hates us”. As a member of Bush’s team in the War on Terror, I can tell you that I have spoken to quite a few soldiers from the 30+ members of the coalition here in Iraq. They don’t seem to hate us. They are here, working side by side with us, some doing jobs I would hate to be doing, in an effort to make this country, their country and our world a better place.

    And it is working…CNN and the rest only give out the sensational…the blood. I work and talk to Iraqi citizens on a daily basis, and their lives have completely changed. Don’t tell me that the average Iraqi hates us. Only those who benefited at the expense of their fellow countrymen under Saddam hate us. They are the ones causing the problems. They can’t stand getting the short end of the stick for the first time in their lives.

    As for the War on Terror, I guess J Crowley feels we should do nothing to protect ourselves from the next attack. I thank God he is not one of the soldiers standing here with me. American or otherwise, the soldiers I am with would never sit back and allow and let an attack happen.

    J Crowley, please understand that while I whole heartedly disagree with the majority of your post, I am fighting in this War on Terror for your right to say what you feel. So please, continue to speak your mind…every word you write just shows how thin your arguments are.

  8. And there you have it. One Keith trumps a million armchair presidents, in my mind. As I write this, my 9-year-old is listening to Toby Keith sing…

    “Ohhh Justice will be served And the battle will rage This big dog will fight When you rattle his cage And you’ll be sorry that you messed with The U.S. of A. ‘Cause we’ll put a boot in your ass It’s the American way”

    Ah, the irony.

  9. View the Clinton Years- The American Dream Reversed artwork by Ray Tapajna. It is a take off on Andy Warhol’s soup can art. It shows Clinton playing his sax next to a soup can with the contents reversed. It is symbolic of the American Dream burning while President Clinton plays his sax. The biggest lie during the Clinton years in the land of “is” was not about Monica but it was about the economy. During his time, the most massive dislocation of workers in U.S. history continued. While President Clinton proclaimed a statistical prosperity, millions drifted into a silent depression. For more information see Art that Talks and Tapart News at and top newspaper story about this art at Or see all of the artwork and editorial cartoons at
    View The American Dream is Burning, Locked out workers bearing their Cross, The Pearl Harbor Attack via NAFTA, GATT, WTO and Fast Track by President Clinton, Sen Dole, Rep Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and President George Bush. It was President Clinton and a Democrat controlled Congress that passed NAFTA and GATT joining with Dole and Gingrich. See The editorial cartoon the Pearl Harbor attack on workers with Bush joining in when he took office.

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