Gutting a Mac

By Deane Barker on January 27, 2004

How I PC’d an Apple G5: Mac users will cry over this one, complete with pictures.

I got a shiny new Apple G5 for Christmas. I loved the case, but I’m no Mac user. So I….Get a brand new dual processor G5, then…Rip out everything…Cut out the back of the case so I can use a PC motherboard, and…install an Athlon motherboard.

At least he can play decent games now… [he says as he runs for cover].



  1. you are the stupidest person first macs now have a lot better games out then they did and just about the same as microsoft did. plus a g5 will do every thing else your athlon cant and you can open at least 80 games at once but u wanted to get rid of that i got to say if you are over 18 and u are planning ure future in computers dont because your parents who dont know shit about computers are smarter then you. They bought you the world strongest personal computer in the world plus a mac has almost all the games out and even if they dont why the fuck did you not get virtual pc it cost less and you still have the worlds strongest personal computer not a dumb athlon that uses 64 bit software on a 32 bit hardware comon sense the hardware cant go as fast as even a Pentium 4 there worse than almost a pentium 3 the stats on speed tests will be faster but running games will be slower. Good luck you just got your self the cheepest crapiest computer of all, so go fuck your self because you wont be smart enough to do it to some one else like how you were not smart enough to keep the world strongest personal computer. slefish brat.

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