Mike Rowe Makes Out Like a Bandit

By Deane Barker on January 26, 2004

Microsoft to take over MikeRoweSoft.com: Never underestimate the power of bad publicity and the ability to give free stuff.

[Mike Rowe’s father] said Microsoft would cover Mike’s costs of changing to a new Web site and redirecting traffic from the old site. Microsoft also had agreed to help the teen get Microsoft certification training and other gifts, including an Xbox game console, he said, and has invited Mike to a technology festival in March at the corporation’s headquarters in suburban Redmond.




    Before Mike Rowe stood erect and invented the Internet all by himself.


    This was the original page that was holding my site http://www.mikerosoft.com in place. Well anchoring the domain from flying into oblivion really.

    It was this page that sent Micro$oft into their dizzying frenzy of revenge and power flexing. Note the page has no active links on it, merely an amusing parody.

    Drunk with rage and fortified with engorged briefcases full of trademark law, their lawyers, SMART & BIGGAR, said I was depriving their client, Micro$oft, of their rightful birthright, which was anything that sounded remotely like Mmmmmmmmm Soooffff……, or some sound like that.

    Since young Mike Rowe stood up and took a bow, MS has since stood down and taken a reality check. “XBOX ? $10000 ?! XBOX ? $10000…”. As far as I know they are still standing there weighing the pros and cons of it all and wishing that SMART & BIGGAR could shoot better.

    They may be Smart & Biggar but I think Biggar may be the senior partner just now. I bet Micro$oft has given them a dressing down for being so SMART or BIGGAR.

    Anyway, it was my site that pissed them off. I would like to apologize to Micro$soft… for the unfortunate fact that they have no sense of humour nor shame at scaring the shit out of little guys like Mike Rowe or myself or Mike Morris at mikerosoft.ca.

    Yes, for many nights I believed my life as I knew it was over and that my future would be spent in courtrooms where Micro$oft is as adept as a lion hunting on the open grasslands. It was Mike’s story that encouraged me to speak out as well in an effort to force Micro$oft into dealing with people fairly.

    Finally, hats off to Mike Rowe for having the whatever to stick it out. He reminds me of a rookie soldier standing in the middle of the battle field asking in a loud boyish voice “HEY !! ANYONE HAVE ANY EXTRA AMMUNITION ? I’M FRESH OUT…”. I’m glad that a few seasoned soldiers came to his defense before he got gunned down by the hired gunslingers SMART & BIGGAR.

    Fun place – cheers everyone. Mike Ro uleau (Oops ! There it is again)

  2. I have not commented on an article before- and trust me, I have read thousands. It’s my son’s story and I’ve left him to it. However ,I do love the way you understood the story and voiced your opinion. You get it and you are right! Mike Rowe’s Mom, Sharon

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