Handling Arbitrary RSS Data with NewsGator

By Deane Barker on January 24, 2004

RSS extensions: The inventor of NewsGator shows us some of the really cool things you can do with it.

…you can define whatever extension you like, and NewsGator will be able to use it in one way of another. Let’s explore how this works, and what you can do…you can take any extension data and map it to a column in Outlook…NewsGator 2.0’s rendering engine now uses XSLT, and you can customize the transforms used to render the items. What’s more, any custom data is available to these transforms…so you could have a custom rendering based on this data by building a new stylesheet.

This could be huge for corporate applications — RSS could be a generalized reporting stream on anything, including any statistics necessary. Using Outlook VBA, you can even trigger client-side programs when posts are received, so there’s really no limit on where you could go with this.