Book Scanning at Stanford

By Deane Barker on January 22, 2004

The Book & The Computer: Another great article about digitizing books in a library at Stanford. I have to stifle the goosebumps when I read about this stuff.

When you’re turning pages by hand, you can do maybe 150 to 200 pages per hour. It’s slow. But the robot can easily do 600 to 1,200 pages per hour without damaging the books. And it’s rigorously consistent — the page is always flat, the image is always good, and software conversion allows you to index the text so you can search it.

This entry is dedicated to Jenny, who says we all don’t talk about libraries enough. :-)



  1. 8-)

    Thanks, Deane!

    I’m in the middle of writing up an essay about how some library services (like databases, the catalog, and live reference) look and work on my Treo 600. After I publish it, maybe some other folks could augment it with comments about how these same services look (and if they even work) on other types of devices. Anyone up for this?

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