The Truth about Camera Phones

By Deane Barker on January 19, 2004

Cell phone cameras: capturing the moment in blotchy detail: This story says what I recently learned to be true: the pictures on the ads for camera phones are complete lies.

The photos are grainy, blotchy and blurry, but for millions of people now toting cell phones with built-in digital cameras, it doesn’t seem to be about the megapixels

My brother-in-law visited over Christimas and he had one of the super high-end camera phones with all the bells and whistles. The sad truth: the picture quality is plain awful. After taking about a dozen with my daughter, I finally ended up with one where another family member could recognize her. I laugh whenever I see the ads on TV showing the pixel-perfect sample images.

Update: The author of the first comment displays some sample pictures here. They’re actually not too bad. Anyone else want to show some samples?



  1. I just purchased a camera phone too, the Nokia3200 and while it’s not so high-end, it still takes pretty good pictures and at an affordable price. The main reason I got my camera phone was to take quick snapshots of things. I think it’s more for the casual “Oooh, guess what I saw today?” thing. If I wanted a high-resolution picture of something (for example, if I was sight-seeing or traveling), I would have probabaly brought my camera with me.

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