The Rainbow Six-Porn Connection

By Deane Barker on January 12, 2004

Publisher goof lets porn ad slip into video game: This is about Rainbox Six 3. Kind of funny, kind of not, depending on how you look at it.

About two-thirds of the way through the game, there’s a level set in a garage with posters adorning the wall. The URL at the bottom of each of those posters links to a Web site featuring graphic images, hundreds of links to XXX pictures and the welcome message “Welcome to Interracialporno!”

They talk to the guy who runs the site, and he’s refreshingly honest about why he did it and what his ultimate plans are.



  1. Let me get this straight – they don’t see including “Interracialporno” and XXX posters as a problem they only view the fact they forgot to register that domain as a problem? And now they are castigating the entreprenuer who did so? Wow, I think maybe they need to take a step back and see that forest for the trees. OK, so the game is rated M, but still…

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