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By Deane Barker on January 9, 2004

Easton Press Online Catalog: I love Easton Press. They make leather reproductions of classic books — I have 35 of them on my bookcase. I collected them one at a time for three years while I was in college. Right next to them, I have a complete reproduction set of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. They’re gorgeous.

So I was dismayed to see that Easton Press Web site is perhaps the worst site I’ve ever laid eyes on. Take a tour through this baby sometime, and learn how NOT to do e-commerce. Hint one: don’t just scan all your catalog pages and put them online as big images. To top it off, they have a search engine so worthless as to make it worse than nothing at all (as near as I can tell, it always links to the front page of the catalog).

Missing the boat big time here, which is very sad. Don’t let that turn you off the books themselves, through — they’re amazing. Order a catalog and check out their “Masterpieces of Science Fiction,” “Signed First Editions of Science Fiction,” or “The Science Fiction Hall of Fame.” Or how about a leather-bound, gilt-edge copy of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? There’s a signed Asimov over on eBay.



  1. From working in the publishing business, I can tell you the reason catalogs are scanned in is usually because of insufficient technology. They must have no way of “single-sourcing,” which is using the same data to produce different types of output. It’s a new area in software development called content management. Clearly, not everyone is bought in yet.

    Another problem is time to market. If prices change a lot, it’s easier to just PDF the thing every month and “dump” it online, instead of taking the time to really design an online catalog experience.

  2. Deane~ Sense you have been collecting Easton Press for years where would you say is the best place to buy them online? ~maggie~

  3. The best source for Easton Press books is On E-bay you always pay the highest price among other buyers. At there are thousands of sellers, at you pick the one with the lowest price.

  4. As someone who has collected rare James Bond books for almost 30 years, I respectfully disagree.

    Abebooks has mostly caught up to eBay and tends to price books beyond the upper limits of eBay for rare titles.

    Look at both places for a title and eBay is usually cheaper. Abebooks specializes in items too rare (or almost too rare) for eBay.

    Hundreds of pool articles, technique, humor, equipment, new games.

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