NBOR: The Coolest Thing I Can’t Understand

By Deane Barker on January 9, 2004

New ‘NBOR’ Software to Debut Next Month: This looks interesting, but I got confused halfway through. This guy has spent 15 years of his life building it. Here’s to hoping it works out for him.

The software, called “No Boundaries Or Rules,” or NBOR, includes an intuitive user interface for writing, drawing, compiling multimedia presentations and other PC tasks. It allows real-time collaboration and sends large files over the Internet at lightning speed.

The cornerstone of NBOR is “Blackspace,” software for word processing, desktop publishing, slideshow presentation, graphics, drawing, animations, audio, photo cropping, instant messaging and real-time conferencing.

This knocks Britney Spears off her perch, making her the second coolest thing I don’t understand.



  1. My name is Joe and I like most people out there waited for the download of NBOR to be put up. When it was finally posted at 4am est I downloaded it right away. The next day I installed it and started to read what it can do. Well I have to tell you, It’s not as simple as it seems. Five out of ten times things just didn’t want to work for me. Then along it came after the first 20 minutes into to the examples It crashed my system. I thought it over from there and decided that Microsoft Office isn’t so bad after all.

  2. if this sort of thing interests you, check out squeak smalltalk. very similar capabilies, but far more polished and thought out. and with the power of a full-blown mature object-oriented language (smalltalk) to back it up.

  3. It looks like the full version is availabl for purchase now, as well as an updated trial version.

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