The Dual Layer DVD+R is Here

By on January 8, 2004

Verbatim to To Intro Dual Layer DVD+R Discs : The folks in the MPAA can’t be too happy about this one. DVD copying programs are everywhere but unless you get fancy with video compression, your standard Hollywood flick wouldn’t fit on a DVD+R, until now.

Verbatim has announced that “it is on schedule to deliver industry’s first Double-Layer DVD+R (DVD+R DL) discs”. The first 8.5 GB DVD+R9 media should ship this spring and will be 2.4x speed discs according to Verbatim.

The first recording layer of the Verbatim DVD+R DL disc is semi-transparent, providing enough reflectivity for writing/reading data on the first layer, yet transmitting enough laser power to read/write on the second layer by refocusing the laser.



  1. Will my DVD-R recorder in my computer read this new type of disk, or will I need to buy a new Recorder?

  2. Incorrect. DVD+R DL are backwards compatible so your existing drive will be able to read from them. You will however, not be able to write to them.


  3. i heard pioneer will be makin firware for there dvd writers i even heard u can find it on kazaa but it will upgrade ur player so it can write to a dual layer how true it is i really dont know

  4. Wrong!
    There is already one drive being marketed has firmware upgradeable. “Via the firmware upgrade to support double-layer (+R9) recording, the BenQ DW822A doubles the data storage capacity on DVD recordable discs from 4.7GB to 8.5GB. Better yet, it also allows for DVD backup on a single DVD disc without compromising quality. The firmware will be available at the end of Q3-2004 when recordable double-layer media becomes more accessible in the market. ”

  5. Most likely, the drive is already dual layer, just has to be ocnfigured properly when the firmware is released, there is no way a single layer burner can be upgraded without hardware modifications

  6. It is generally accepted that most 8X DVD+RW drive have lasers which are powerful enough to burn the new DL discs. A firmware upgrade will be necessary to upgrade these drives. Whether manufactures make such firmware available is a marketing question…

    brian, dublin, ireland

  7. Most current DVD-/+R drives will be capable of writing to the new Dual Layer discs with a firmware mod howerver only one manufacturer so far has stated that they will be releasing a firmware upgrade. The pioneer demo of dual layer writing was done on a standar A06 with a firmware mod. (The A06 is now a relativley old drive.) The laser for writing to dual layer discs is technically no different. It’s just a matter of focusing the laser onto the correct surface and due to the difference between various discs nearly all DVDR lasers have to focus depending on brand/type of disk.


  8. Will I be able to burn dual layer DVD+ on my Iomega Super DVD burner or will Iomega or someone provide the software needed? When will these 8.5 discs be available? Alliance is also marketing dual layer discs.

  9. forget 8.5gb, we need 9.4gb single sided dvds or 18.8gb double sided dvds!

    long live pioneer!

    die dvd+ die

  10. will the current dvd recorders that write to +R dvds also take advantage of the dual layer +R dvds? by that i mean will they be able to write 4hrs of dvd movie quality on them?

  11. I despair on the human condition. Read through these posts. I want ! I want! Where can I buy? When can I buy? Get a life people.

  12. Well.. its best to just wait…. sony is coming out with a blue light laser burner…. Lower frequency of light…. more info can be fit in the same space…..think of it like a sharper pencile…You can use the same media, you can just fit more on it….Duel layer will be pointless when you can fit GBs on a regular CD-R.,aid,109617,00.asp

  13. Yeah, once blue light comes out then all you have to do is get all new players and god knows only sony will make them and charge a fortune. Hopefully they will think to include normal dvd and cd playback on them or your stuck with another sony product that can only play with its self

  14. you can preorder a sony dvd dual layer dvd burner from they are schedule to be released in mid may. if you order now you can get free shipping :) they base price is about $199 which isnt that bad. any questions email me peace

  15. If you have an NEC ND-2500A or 2100A, there are numerous reports that the firmware for the ND-2510A will load successfully onto the 2500 thereby upgrading it so that it’s capable of writing to Dual Layer Media. Very early tests on media by indicate that the drive will write successfully to the discs. For further information see…

    The best thing about this is that not only is the firmware update available for nothing, but the NEC 2500A is a bargain, at UK prices typically under £60 inc. VAT. Therefore no need to buy a new drive potentially. Early compatibility tests with DL-Media indicates that the discs aren’t terribly compatible with existing DVD players, Recorders or DVD-ROM drives, but in most cases the tests are being performed on pre-production models\media.

  16. Well have purchased the sony DRU 700A but when is the media going to be seems that it should of came along together

  17. Josh, I think if you check again you might find that PC World mentioned a lower WAVELENGTH, which actually means HIGHER frequency. Lower frequency would reduce the storage potential. And it’s certainly true that blue light exhibits a higher frequency than red light:

    (not my page, just a link I found that looks reliable)

  18. Question: I bought a sony DRU-530A burner some time ago, has anyone heard if Sony plans to release an updated firmware for it to work with Dual-Layer DVDs?

  19. uh, check that url again. Special orders only, with discs priced at $15 each! I doubt even Bill Gates would pay that much! Get them under $5 each guys, if you expect to actually sell them!

  20. Yes, but do you rember how much DVD Writable disk were when the first came out.. they were mad expensive.. not to mention ZIP Disk’s $10.00 for a 100MB’s and people paid that all the time..

  21. Yes, but do you rember how much DVD Writable disk were when the first came out.. they were mad expensive.. not to mention ZIP Disk’s $10.00 for a 100MB’s and people paid that all the time..

  22. The funny thing about that website with the DL media is that their price on it keeps going up before their release. I have been checking on it periodically and they did indeed start off at $5 a disc, but now they are up over $20 a piece. They must be anticipating a large demand for them. At that price, I’ll just buy the retail dvd, it would probably be cheaper.

  23. The media is hard to come by and is prohibitively expensive. I don’t think that will be true forever, but there is almost no reason to buy one right now. If you want to back up your DVD’s, buy another one. It is easier, a lot of times, cheaper, and comes in a nice package.

  24. The new pioneer DL drive is here:

    for $124. I’m thinking it may be worth it to upgrade my Pioneer 2X DVD+-R to 16X found on this drive, then wait for the affordable DL media. Sorry, I’m not going to pay more than $2 for DL media TOPS. Aint gonna happen. My DVD collection will be fine without backups until this stuff gets affordable. I figure I got at the very least a year to wait.


  25. does any one know if the DL media will play in your average DVD player. or will we have to buy new players as well.

  26. No Mike, all current standalone DVD players should be able to read DVD+R9 Dual Layer discs (provided they can read normal DVD+R4’s).

    Most commercial DVD movies you buy from stores are Dual Layer.

  27. Matt Dual Layer DVDs are here now .Verbatim is the 1st to license this technology the others will follow in a couple of months and as with all media it starts high in price then drops quickly. Dave is right it will take about a year to get to about $2 as everyone (OEMs) puts all their resources into DVDs development. The evolution so I was told by Verbatim will see triple layer then 4 layer etc but no more than 16x

  28. Except for Dave B. most of you are a bit militant on your views. Just an FYI though, Fry’s Electronics and PC Club both have DL DVD burners on sale as of 10-13-04 for $80. Fry’s has the Pacific Digital 16X/8X DL burner for $89 in-store with a $10 ail-in rebate. PC Club has the same drive made by AOpen for $79 out the door. Dave B. is correct… if you absolutely cannot wait to get a DL burner, get it now and hold out for cheaper media. In the meantime you can still burn on your normal 4.7GB media. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. These $80 DL burners will work just fine, but they’re not the Pioneer, Sony, Philips brands most of you are used to. But don’t overlook the fact that PD has been around for some time now, and AOpen (aka Acer Labs; aka ALi) has been a long-time OEM and has a well-proven track record. These aren’t the bleeding-edge technological giant but they are rock solid manufacturers, especially Acer

    After extensive research, the cheapest I found DL media was $10 each, but it’ll come down just like everything else… right after they introduce “the next big thing”

  29. well, hey, I am so glad to have finally found a well informed and well rounded discussion on the topic…I’m living in Asia, and I was beginning to think I was mad from breathing all the smog or something…people would stare and sometimes point at me when I went looking for the 8.5 disks…I agree that 10 bucks is a bit extortionate, and why not just buy the original DVD for all the trouble it will have saved you…but you can see it here, folks: I want I want gimme gimme and how can I get this for free? People will pay whatever the sticker says, and then kick themselves in 6 months when they see them on sale at Futureshop. Gotta go…thanks everyone for the good info…at least now I know I’m not losing my marbles…and the moronic contributions to the conversation are good enough for a laugh, and that’s OK in my books!

  30. dual layer dvd burners are out and they are for like 80 bucks canadian each. (LG and BenQ). and dvd+-r are now 6.95 canadian for a 25 pack. i think that dual dvds will eventually drop to about 15 bucks a 25 pack and this will most likly take about a year

  31. only place i have been able to find dvd-r9’s is on ebay…. cheapest ive seen is 75 bucks for a 10-pack. any idea if a nec is a good dvd burner? cause thats what i have…..

  32. I have burnt several DVD+r DL DVD’s now, They play back fine on the PC but do not play on any of the 3 stand alone DVD players in the house all I get is a ” no disk ” error message. any ideas on whats going on.

  33. I have burnt several DVD+r DL DVD’s now, They play back fine on the PC but do not play on any of the 3 stand alone DVD players in the house all I get is a ” no disk ” error message. any ideas on whats going on.

  34. I just purchased my first DL burner, a pioneer A08DL. Looking forward to affordable DL discs. Now I’ll have 2 DVD recorders in my computer, I bought an A07 back 5 months ago, does anyone know of a program I can buy to burn 2 discs at a time? Nothing about copying movies, I just want to make copies of my own stuff. 2 at a time!

  35. Marcus, your DVD burner is probably using the wrong “book type” for your stand alone players. Most stand alone players need to have “DVD-ROM” as the book type. Some models of DVD DL drives do not support this mode and will record dual layer disks as book type “DVD+R9” which most stand alone DVD players will not recognize. See if you have an option to record the dual layer disks as “DVD-ROM.” If not, you may be out of luck and need a different drive. I am presently looking at a Pioneer drive that supports DVD-ROM writing ability. The Samsung that I had purchased did not write this format and I returned it to the store where I purchased it for that very same reason. Good Luck!

  36. I have a pioneer DVD wirter that only burns single layer dvds. Is there avalible firmware out on the interent that will not only let me, but others upgrade there dvd wirters to burn dual layer dvd discs? Or is the dual layer burn technology specialized in the hardware.

  37. well, i got one of the Emprex DVD Double Layer burners at Fry’s (crazy-insane-day-after-thanksgiving-one-day-mega-sale) for only 59 bucks! i’ve been using Emprex’s regular DVD burner for about year now without a single problem so i trust the brand. best i’ve seen locally is a 3 pack of verbatim DL discs for 29.99. Now…..several of the “idiots in a white shirt and tie” said that there is both DVD +R DL and DVD -R DL and that they are “always out” of the -R……..from what i’ve researched and seen on here, DVD -R DL doesn’t even exist!!!! Here’s my question….the majority of dvd players out there only read (minus) media, one guy on here has already said that these new discs didn’t play in 3 of his players…..i read somewhere else that these discs SHOULD play in players because anything DL is considered a DVD9 just like a store bought dvd. WHICH IS IT??? WHAT WILL WORK?? AND WHAT’S SOME OF THE BETTER SOFTWARE OUT THERE TO DO IT WITH????


  38. do most dvd players only play -r? i have no problem with either in my bottom of the line dvd player from wal-mart….

  39. Somebody said that Nero 6 will perfectly copy an original dual layer dvd, is that true? Does that mean that it is no longer necessary to use DVD X copy, or will DVD X Copy also work to copy movies with dual layer? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is there any special software needed to copy and play in a home dvd player?

  40. nero 6 will not copy an original providing there is a copywright protection. no copywrite protection means no problem! unfortunately most, if not all hollywood movies have the copywrite on them.

  41. Can anyone tell me what brand of DL DVD burner I should buy? Or models. I don�t really care about speed. Quality and dependability of the drive is most important to me.

  42. i know that nero or roxio will not copy movie dvd’s because of the copyright protection. but i noticed when you view the contents of a movie DVD in say windows explorer, there are two folders – audio() and video() which are the actually video\audio files. Now, i was just wonder if you could simply copy those two folders and burn them on a DL disk as a workaround instead of trying to make an image of the disk…..anyone know if this is possible ?

  43. Z, i know that LG makes a good burner. i myself have a nec that doesnt seem to be all that bad. for single layer anyways, waiting for hte blueray dvds to come out for the dl’s to go down in price.

  44. Maze, any time i try this, it doesnt work. but i have actually not tried it on a dl disk. its worth a try though. theres probably some hidden files you may or may nto miss when doing this. all in all, go for it. the audiots folder on burnt dvd’s is generally empty, it seems to all be in the videots folder…

  45. I’ve been backing Full commercial +9DVDs to a single sided blank for the past 2 years with DVD shrink ( Keeps all the menus and special features with virtually no degrading of quality and its a 1-click solution.

    I’m not bothered with DL apart from the data storage capacity for all the BitTorrent movies I find myself with.

    Oh and maze, you can just copy the files because they’re encrypted with CSS. If you wan’t to do that you have to use a program such as DVDdecrypter (see above site).

  46. I am a self taught computer dummy, but I do have one question. what software is the easiest, reasonable priced software to burn copy protected, dl dvd+r? please help me out

  47. Hi

    I bought a lg dvd player last year, but I cant read disk dvd R – DL. It is possible to update my dvd player to recognize this format? Where web address can I download the update or firmware to update my dvd player?

    Thanks a lot!!!


  48. I purchased a Emprex DVD Dual 16x Double Layer Drive which I installed in my computer. Now I try and just play a dvd movie on that drive and it will not read. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

  49. two brief questions if anyone can help answer either…

    1) i didnt see the answer above, but will DVD X Copy Platinum copy on the double-layer DVD Rs? if not what software is best for DLing?

    2) will my current multiformat DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, DVD+R DL writer be able to write on the new DVD-R DL format with just a firmware update or would using the DVD-R DLs mean whole new hardware? technically wouldn’t the necessary hardware aleardy be in place? i’ve seen elsewhere people state using just firmware to turn their +R SL writers into +R DL writers (which seems less likely to me than using firmware to cross +R DL to -R DL).

  50. Best dvd copy software by far:-DVDFab Platinum. Will copy any DVD to either single layer or dual layer media. Also gives option to copy movie only to keep quality. One button idiot proof simplicity. Worth every cent.

  51. I have a LaCie DVDRW DL, and I tried burning a Verbatim DVD-R DL. But that finished DVD can only be read by the DL drive. I can’t read it on my other DVD-ROMs. I have several computers at home and none of them can read it. I made sure to make the disk “CLOSED SESSION”. Anyone has a clue?

  52. for ripping one might use “dvddecrypter” (free as in beer). for encoding one might use “clonedvd 2” (not free). for burning one might use “stomp recordnow max” (not free). these are but suggestions.

  53. Beside the new blue lasers, the industry might go dual sided double layer disks , then we all run out and buy yet another drive. Me? I am sticking with my SATA Seagate 300gig hard drives. Fill one up, unplug it from the docking box and plug in another one.

  54. I have a dvd (DVD-R)of a film that I have produced…I burnt the copies of on my home computer (DVD BURNER LG). After consumers have bought them I had some come back to me because they didn’t work in some dvd players. I’m assuming they were dvd+r players. Is there any way of making a master copy or burning this to a disk that plays both dvd- and + r. Can any give me some advice. I would appreciate it . Also I’ll send you a free copy of my film if you so desire. cheers Ray email or check out my web

  55. are all you spastics ok or what? I want I want I want geeze go look for it instead of asking others to find it for you ffs so many morons and I cant shoot them : / just login dont read a thing and bang a question that has only been asked a billion times before and expect an answer if you want that stuff go e-mail the manufacturer.

    that said I think that it is quite impressive that pioneer got the a06 to burn dual layer with a firmware update and I hope that they will release this firmware to the public, but realistically I doubt it will happen, why would they give me a firmware when they could sell me a new drive :?

  56. Looking to add DVD-+R DL capability to a Mac G5 system. Pioneer DVR-109 has produced successful reviews. Any ideas on the best DL burner and media for Mac G5?

  57. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but a lot of stand-alone DVD players (epsecially older ones) won’t play films copied onto dvd+r, you need to copy them to dvd-r. What is the situation with the dual layer format which always seems to be referred to as DVD+R DL. Will DVD+R DL play on stand-alone dvd players or do I have to wait for DVD-R DL, which doesn’t seem to be available yet? Or is it a question of forking out for yet ANOTHER stand-alone player which will play DVD+R DL? HELP!

  58. I have a NEC ND-6500A DVD-/+RW DL drive, and I bought some DL disks. I use Nero 6 Ultra Edition for burning.

    I have 8.36GB of data I want to burn to a DVD, which should fit one 8.5GB DVD DL disk. However, Nero only allows me to burn up to 8.152GB.

    Is there a problem with my drive or Nero? or is that the most that can be burned to a DL disk?

  59. When Blank DVDs indicate capacity as 8.5 GB, They mean : 8500000000 bytes which works out to only 7.916 GB when you divide by 1024 three times. because 1 Computer GB = 1×1024 MB = 1x1024x1024 KB = 1x1024x1024x1024 bytes.

    so actually Nero shouldnt let you burn more than 7.916 GB on a DVD+R DL or a DVD-R DL blank disk.

    Also Windows indicates two sizes : Actual Size and Size on disk. Maybe the 8.152 GB that you mention is the size that your data occupied on hard disk.

  60. I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D installed using Nero 7 Premium to burn but cannot get it to accept Double Layer discs.

    Is my DVD-RW model not compatible and basically a ‘bin job’….or what?

    I have looked at the Pioneer website and downloaded the ‘tech spec’ for my model, the DVR-111D and it appears to say that it does support the use of Double Layer.

    Is there something I am missing……if so what is it??!!


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