OS’s Gone Wild: Windows XP Exposéd

By on January 7, 2004

WinExposé I didn’t think it would take four months for someone to come up with a clone of Apple’s Exposé feature for Windows.

Should we start a pool to bet on how long it takes before they get their first cease-and-desist letter?



  1. A couple of things intrigue me about this. First they’re asking to get sued by using the same name Apple chose. Secondly, why do companies display a picture of a retail box of a product that is only available to download. They probably got the price right however.

  2. I agree, the price is about right.

    Maybe these companies that picture the boxes should at least provide in the download a PDF you can print to make your own box. =)

    I’m torn between waiting to see some reviews before buying this, and buying it before Apple shuts them down.

  3. The combination of low cost, curiosity, (and perhaps the girl in the santa hat) finally persuaded me into buying this app this morning.

    FYI, if you’re running Windows Xp, do a search for iEx; It apparently does something very similar for free.

    Since I’ve got Win2K at work I forked over the $10.

    Here’s a mini-review:

    Overall, my impression of the software so far is rather positive. It sits quietly in the tray and can be accessed either with a keyboard command or by rolling the mouse pointer to the very corner of the screen.

    When you run it, all of your open apps appear as little screenshots, arranged in a way to provide the largest visible picture for each app. You then click on one and up it pops. There’s also the desktop feature, which works like ‘show desktop’, only you can use it again to get your apps right back to the way they were. Fairly handy.

    The up side: — If you’re already mousing around, it makes it very fast to switch apps. — It only uses around 3-4MB of RAM and doesn’t seem to slow things down in any way. — The app is overall very polished and professionally put together.

    The down side: –The first time I started it, it crashed. There’s been no trouble since then and it’s been very stable otherwise.

    — The animation of the windows moving is dog-slow, and I’m on a dual Xeon P4 with a GB of RAM and a decent video card. Maybe hardware acceleration could help here? At any rate, I shut the animation off.

    — Even though you can activate it with a keyboard shortcut, you MUST use the mouse to select a window. It would be nice if you could do this with the keyboard as well. Otherwise, why have keyboard shortcuts?

    Bottom line: I’ve been using it most of the day, and it does seem to make app-switching faster and more intuitive, especially if you have a lot of windows open at once.

    If you like Exposé on the Mac for the productivity gains it brings, and you can’t run the free iEx, WinExposé is worth your $10. If you like Exposé on the Mac because it looks cool when all the little windows go zipping around, you’ll probably be disappointed.

  4. They do offer a trial now. Just a 7-days trial, but I think that’s enough for testing.

    I did and was surprised how well this tool worked for me, nice graphics and nice animations…

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