Which is Better for Digital Media: Mac or PC?

By Deane Barker on January 6, 2004

A report on processing performance: This has got to be the mother of all Mac vs. PC comparisons for digital media processing. Fourteen pages worth of statistics.



  1. Keep in mind this is directed squarely at high-end professional photographers. 98% of the people who own a digital camera would have no idea what is going on in these tests. Many of the results are within mere seconds of each other.

    Here’s one I’d like to see. Using Photoshop Album on a PC and iPhoto on a Mac, have average users import, enhance, export and order 25 photos. Speed is not the only factor however. How easy or difficult was it to do this?

    Remember, if speed was the only factor in making a decision we’d all drive cars that go 200mph. Even if the gas pedal was in the trunk.

  2. I haven’t used iPhoto, but Photoshop Album passes the most important litmus-test in my house; it got my wife to enjoy using our digital camera, which had previously been regarded as a stupid toy that we never have any pictures from (since she didn’t have an easy way to browse them).

    Now she’s taking pictures of the baby every day, emailing them around and posting them to the web. She gave her sister our film camera last week and told her to keep it as long as she liked.

    Digital photography has finally progressed to the point that non-techies can use it and enjoy it.

  3. Is she still posting using that Gallery plugin to PostNuke? How is that working for her? I know Annie would like to do the same thing, but I worry that there will be problems.

  4. Yes, that’s what we’re using. Gallery has a registry hack that makes it an extension of XP’s publishing wizard. Just select a file and click ‘Publish to Web…’

    The only time it doesn’t work is when the crazy sysadmin on my host replaces important RPM’s or sets global PHP auto-prepends. ;-)

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