Music Recognition

By Chris on January 6, 2004

Shazam is offering an interesting paid service to cell phone users in the UK that will recognize songs over the phone, and then send a text message with the track details back to them. Users can then optionally review and buy the tracks later from their Web site.

“Now you can know the name of any track, anywhere in the UK. Just hit 2580 on your mobile phone, aim it at any loud music for 30 seconds and we’ll txt you back the name of the track and artist.”




  1. This has existed for some time in Switzerland called MusicFinder offered by the Operator Sunrise. You leave the connection open for 20 seconds and you receive the artist and title by SMS. It works surprizingly well, even with rather obscure tracks. I was in a modern art expo with a strange guitar solo coming out of a sculpture. The service identified the Van Halen song!

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