Spamming for a Date

By Deane Barker on January 5, 2004

I got this spam today. This guy really wants a date.

To: Juror #3, Van Nuys Superior Court, Dept E, Los Angeles, CA, excused on November 13.

This is Juror #4 and I would really like to say Hi and continue our conversation. You can reply to this email or call 818-831-1492.

[I was going to delete the guy’s number, but then I realized that he proactively spammed this to millions of people, so it’s a little late for discretion. — Deane]

DO YOU KNOW JUROR #3? She is WF, 30’s, 5’5”, slender build, short light brown hair. She served on jury duty November 12 & 13, Van Nuys Superior Court in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA. Contact me or please pass this message along to her. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

This brings up the issue of spam for reasons other than to sell something or scam someone. With the supposed power of mass mailing something to 100 million people, you think people would do it more often for reasons other than sales.

I’ve gotten a few religious spams that were nothing more than Christian evangalism — there was no attempt to sell anything, the sender just wanted me to know that Jesus loves me.

And the other day, I got an email from a pro-Israel group filled with supposed facts and figures that Muslims are “responsible for 98% of the world’s conflicts.” It seemed to have no other purpose than to get me to hate Muslims.

I’d like to send an email to 100 million people to protest the inability of people to add an “e” to the end of my name. Deane’s of the world unite! We have rights too!

(Okay, speaking of this, I’m going to relate this story against my better judgement. Back when I was beta testing the original MSN in 1995 or so, they had the ability to search user accounts by name. I entered “Deane” and actually found 30 or so.

I sent a mass email to all of them trying to organize the “Deane With An ‘E’ Society of America.” I think I got two responses, both supportive. You’d think we’d be a social force eight years later, but things didn’t work out. Politics and all that.)