Last Year in Pictures

By Deane Barker on January 2, 2004

A Year in Pictures: My buddy Rob has shuttered after giving us all…well, a year in pictures.

After publishing a picture a day for the last year I think it’s time to close the doors and move onto something else. I consider this project to be a huge success. It was intended as a way for me to motivate myself to improve my photography skills by challenging me to find new and interesting subjects on a consistent basis. I won’t claim to have published 365 masterpieces, but a few of them were pretty good.

Thanks Rob — I’ll never look at a church, a butterfly, or a ballgame the same way again. This one in particular is a postcard just waiting to happen. The last one he publishes with this entry is a beaut too.

To get the full effect of what Rob was able to do with a camera, go to one of the category pages, and just start scrolling.