Microsoft Code Names

By Deane Barker on December 31, 2003

Microsoft Codenames: Here’s a list of Microsoft software project codenames. EVeryone knows about “Longhorn,” there days. And a lot of people know that Windows XP was called “Whistler.” Goign further back, a handful know that Windows 95 was code-named “Chicago.” But “Impala”? “Starfighter”? “Airstream”?

As anyone who had worked with me in the past will attest to, I’m mildly neurotic about naming my programming projects.



  1. That’s exactly what I was going to post.

    My favorite is when he has a name and then comes up with a concept just so he can use the name.

  2. Swordfish, Tribal, Harbor, Flotsam, McGillicutty — I hae a million of them. Far more than I’ll ever be able to write. I’ll have to start naming include files to fit them all in.

  3. Why is it that I and most of my cohorts think that the Windows codenames are so much cooler than the final product names Microsoft comes out with? Why don’t they start off with development names like Windows Vista and end up with Longhorn, or Cairo, or even Whistler? Frankly, a LOT of former names beat the tar out of Vista.

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