Wikipedia Needs $20,000

By Deane Barker on December 29, 2003

Letter to our readers and contributors: This is either heartbeaking or inspiring, I’m not sure which. It turns out that Wikipedia is failing under the load created by its popularity.

…the three servers that currently host all of Wikimedia’s projects in all languages are simply not enough, especially as two of them have turned out to have hardware defects. … I estimate that $20,000 in hardware would get us to a point where we have reserves to handle the failure of any one machine. Additionally, we would be well-poised to continue our track record of astounding growth.

That’s the heartbreaking part, since Wikipedia is one of the most perfect Web resources ever created. But looking in on this page right now (10 p.m. CST), I’m seeing “Money raised: $23,382.17.” If that is an accurate figure, and the Web community has altruistically pulled Wikipedia out of a downward spiral, then it makes me glad to be alive.

If someone can confirm that Wikipedia’s needs have been met, please post confirmation.

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