Wanted: Lost Beagle

By Deane Barker on December 28, 2003

Scientists cling to hope Beagle 2 will phone home: I’m sorry, but I think it’s gone.

Europe’s first Mars probe remained silent for a third day, but scientists clung to the hope Saturday that the Beagle 2 spacecraft had landed safely on the Red Planet and would respond to a call from its mother ship in about a week.



  1. They’re not totally nuts for still holding out hope. Beagle2 was actually designed to work with the Mars Express orbiter that brought it to Mars. Both of their current signal detection methods (Mars Odyssey and a big dish at Stanford) were sort of jury-rigged methods that weren’t well-tested.

    Mars Express is still manuevering into its orbit and won’t be able to look for Beagle2 until next Sunday (1/4). That’s their last hope for hearing from Beagle2.

    Maybe these lander guys need to work with some of those ‘egg off the junior high roof’ kids.

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