Digital Film Revolution

By Deane Barker on December 27, 2003

Movie theaters going digital: Celluloid is becoming a thing of the past in Hollywood.

After years of Hollywood hype, 2004 could truly be a watershed year for digital cinema. A recent surge in investment by theater chains and technology companies means the number of digital projectors in cinemas will more than double to over 400 in the next 12 months, Screen Digest reports.

I still don’t think I’ve seen a digital film yet.



  1. I give them about 10 years. The projectors are still 10 times the cost of film equipment and only have a 5 year life span vs about 30 years or more for film.

    Service is more expensive as well as opperating cost because the bulbs have to be bigger 3KW to 10KW vs 2KW to 5KW for film. Big bulbs use more electricity, cost more and have a shorter life.

    Then there is the security issue. At the most basic level because the projectors don’t use a shutter, a camecorder at the screen looks better on digital than film.

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