Dave Winer and Channel Z

By Deane Barker on December 25, 2003

Dave Winer keeps mentioning something called “Channel Z.” No idea what it is, but he’s been dropping hints like this one for about a month now:

Channel Z status — I’m using it every day, in fact I’m using it to write this post. At some point I plan to put in another month or so of intense work, not sure exactly when. Now I’m gaining experience as a user. And my experience as a developer with thousands of users of new Web authoring software has taught me to go slow at this stage. Once deployed, the demands of users get overwhelming quickly.



  1. From what I gather, it’s his name for a new outliner-based (meaning: OPML) CMS he’s been writing. Sounds interesting up to a point; I just don’t see the world in outlines the way he does.

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