Bill Camarda And “Read Only”

By Deane Barker on June 6, 2003

I have an odd addiction. I just love those little “Read Only” mini-magazines in the computer books section of Barnes & Noble. If you haven’t seen them, Barnes & Noble has promotional booklets in every section in which they review new books in that genre. I love the “Read Only” issues — I read them cover to cover.

I noticed the name of the editor on one of them, Bill Camarda, and I tracked him down (it was really hard: Turns out he’s an accomplished author and has written several books for Que and IDG (here’s a list), mainly on Word and Office.

So I dropped him a note and we exchanged a few emails. I told him about my addiction and today a thick envelope arrived in the mail with dozens of old “Read Only”s. I’m in heaven. Grandma and Gramdpa are taking the kids camping this weekend and they’re dragging me along — I can think of no better reading material than what Bill sent me.

So, hat’s off to you, Bill. Sending me these is kind of like sending a junkie a box of crack, but until there’s a support group for this addiction, I’ll just wallow in it.