Darl McBride, King of Irony

By Deane Barker on December 23, 2003

Novell Registers Unix Copyrights: Apparently Novell has registered several copyrights recently to Unix code that SCO claims was transferred to it back in 1995. They did this quietly, with no fanfare. SCO’s reaction is just priceless.

“We see this as a fraudulent attempt by Novell to get something they don’t have,” said Darl C. McBride, president and chief executive of SCO. “It’s fraudulent to now go and say they have these” copyright registrations.

Someone trying to take something they don’t own?! By fraud?! Egads!! McBride, of course, would know, him being an expert on this. His next statement was even better.

Mr. McBride contended that Novell was acting as a stalking horse for I.B.M., the biggest seller of Linux to corporations. “It’s not just Novell,” Mr. McBride said. “It’s an attack by I.B.M.”

One company acting as a proxy for another in a court battle?! Again, Egads!! SCO would never do that, now would it?