SSIs (Finally) Come to FrontPage

By Deane Barker on December 22, 2003

Download details: Server-Side Include Add-in (SSIbot): I’m linking to this for two reasons: (1) this is great for FrontPage users, and (2) it demonstrates just how fundamentally-flawed FrontPage can be. Server-side includes are a core, fundamental part of Web development. Nice that Microsoft allows them to function in the editor…using a plug-in…eight years after FrontPage is first released.

Now you can have the benefits of server-side includes and still see in FrontPage how your page will look when published. The Server-Side Include Add-in by Swanfield (SSIbot) is a component for FrontPage that acts like a FrontPage include while you are editing the page, but puts a server-side include in the page, used when the page is browsed.

This is just another example of Microsoft insisting on re-inventing the wheel. They just had to use their “Webbot” functionality, when SSIs were a perfectly good option and have been for years.