MeetUp in Sioux Falls

By Deane Barker on June 6, 2003

International Slashdot Meetup Day: I was browsing, which I found via the Webby Awards (they won something….) and I found that there’s a Slashdotter group meeting right here in Sioux Falls (and in Huron, no less).

On a superficial level, cool. On a deeper level, this is just one more amazing thing that the Net can do — bring people like this together when they have no prior knowledge of or sense of community. While Slashdot (or Fark — ha!) meetings may not change the world, there are other groups that just might. Browse MeetUp for your city sometime. There’s power here.



  1. I’ve tried two meetups so far (Movable Type and one other that I forget) and both have been cancelled for lack of interest. I’m trying another one today.

  2. Apparently there’s another meetup scheduled, this time for The Apathetic Society — I wouldn’t bother showing up for that one though.

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