Taking the Hassle Out of eBay

By Deane Barker on December 21, 2003

Now You Can Leave the eBay Selling to Them: So you want to sell something on eBay, but you don’t want to…well, sell it on eBay. Take it to AuctionDrop or a host of imitators. They’ll photograph it, enter and maintain the listing on eBay, ship the merchandise to the buyer, and present you with the proceeeds, minus their fee.

Entrepreneurs both large and small are betting on this business model. In recent months, the companies have set up more than a dozen consignment operations, from California to Alabama, specifically to take in merchandise to sell on eBay. They offer an old-fashioned storefront approach to the global, high-tech marketplace of Internet auctions. Some have aspirations of becoming national enterprises.



  1. They take your money but you don’t get anything in return. They do not have the merchandise just pictures. Many times they sell goods that are inferior and we the consumer are left holding the bag. You are dealing with a bunch of frauds that work together or perhaps are the same person. You get nothing but a bunch of hooey trying to get your money back.
    I was very pleased with many of my purchases and only contacted a few that where dishonest. But the dishonesty and fraud seems to be what looms to mind when looking for a certain item and ruins the fun of finding a good bargain.

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