Friday Diversion: Scorched 3D

By on December 19, 2003

OK, here’s a Friday diversion I’ve been hanging on to all week.

Wa-a-ay back when the world was young and PCJr’s roamed the earth, there was a DOS game called Scorched Earth. It’s basically a classic ‘artillery’ type game, where everyone has a tank, and they take turns trying to drop rounds on each other by getting the right elevation and power on their shots.

Scorched Earth differentiated itself by having you earn money for successful rounds, and you could use that money between each round to buy things like better ammo, shields, parachutes (for when someone blows up the mountain you’re on), etc.

Flash forward to 2003, and a group of developers across the pond in the UK bring us Scorched3D, an awesome OpenGL-based update to Scorched Earth. Scorched3D brings in the added element of a third dimension, which makes things a lot more fun.

Add fully-networked multiplayer, and you’ve got yourself a Friday Diversion that will last you well into next week (at least!).



  1. I played this the other night and can vouch for the fact that it’s wickedly addictive.

    The hardest thing I found was watching the little missiles as they flew to the target….so I bought some smoke tracers and that helped.

    Then, we you’re pretty close to hitting the target, switch to the nuke as that weapon will make up for more than a little inaccuracy. The one time I used it on a coastal target, it erased quite a bit of the shoreline and created a little lagoon.

  2. I played this online this weekend in multi against other players. It’s a little tought to find a server that is more than just AI players, but it’s a lot of fun when you do. There’s far greater satisfaction in turning another player’s tank into a smoking hole when they gripe about it afterwards. >=)

    As far as following the shots goes, I usually use the ‘follow shot’ camera mode (hit the 4 key) for the first few rough shots, then I free up the camera and just position it orver my target while I’m dialing in the rounds for an exact hit. I usually try to keep both myself and the target in view in case someone else is re-landscaping my neighborhood.

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