ASPs and Web Services

By Deane Barker on June 6, 2003 to Offer Hosted Development Tools: One of the inevitable problems with using an application service provider for your core business apps is that eventually you’re going to want to do more than they offer, and this presents problems. How do you get at your own stuff? A lot of ASPs have “export” features, but batch exporting and importing is a mess. So, it’s web services to the rescue:

“Enterprises that use now will be able to use sforce to build tighter connections to other applications in their environment via Web services like XML, WSDL and SOAP. But is also positioning sforce as a way for enterprises as well as software vendors to build their own applications as services.”

Apparently you can use your remote data at as a data store for internal apps, just as if your data was local. This is the future. I’m convinced that eventually your local apps will just be glue between a bunch of remote apps.



  1. For their sake I hope the do a better job educating their salesforce on how this would work. Prior to the public announcement it was indicated this would fill the gap for clients wanting to build out functionality didn’t offer, and it was implied that sforce would be a way to allow cusotmers to customize the front-end experience. Clearly that isn’t the case – if I want to add a new object I don’t add it in, I build it myself in another front end and then tie it to my data via web services. An elegant approach, I grant you, but still not what some people would want. Despite their no software mantra I predict that within a year of going public will be offering their software to companies who want to host it internally and make customizatins unique to them.

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