The Relationship Between Content Management and Editorial Quality

By Deane Barker on December 17, 2003

Content Management Systems: How to Make Sure Yours Is Not the Downfall of Your Web Site: Content management systems tend to make publishing too easy — so editorial control goes out the window and things get published that really shouldn’t have been.

With the advent of content management systems, many corporations have relaxed the rules and reduced the Web site modification processes to little more than standards set for sending one-to-one email.

These organizations neglect the processes necessary to make well-thought-out, planned changes to their sites to catch errors before they become public. As a result, many companies today are experiencing the backlash of not having proper procedures in place.

Yes, manual sites are slow to update, but that lack of speed gives you ample time to think and consider exactly what you’re publishing.

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  1. Hi Am new to this blogging malarky so bear with me! I must agree with you regarding procedure for editorial control. I am the site manager for a mid scale NHS portal here in the UK and we have multiple authors and editors here. Authoring is obviously not so bad, but I’ve found that people are actually a bit scared of adding content and taking responsibilty as editors . This leaves a lot of work for me as overall site manager. I think that correct procedure can often be overlooked at the CMS concept stage.

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