WMD Game Based on Web Documents

By Deane Barker on December 17, 2003

Computer Programmer Makes ‘WMD’ Treasure Hunt Game: This guy is the reason that we really need to limit the amount of information on the Web. He found a bunch of documents on the Web relating to Iraq, and used them to hude clues to find fake WMDs.

The game includes a booklet with 10 clues and a master clue; a map of Iraq; and a CD-ROM that contains 3,000 public documents, leaflets dropped in Iraq and text transcripts.

Messer expects people to use the documents from the CD to decipher the 10 clues, which are in the form of rhyming riddles. The 10 answers help players solve the master clue, which directs them to the “WMD” trophy.

This is another example of the serious dangers of offshore outsourcing: programmers with too much time on their hands do things like this.



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