Keep on Fraggin’ in The Real World

By on December 16, 2003

A research team at the University of South Australia has created an augmented reality system that runs Quake.

Our task at the moment is to take all the monsters and the guns etc. out of the quake game and to make them roam around a real environment. We also required the player of the game to move around the real world and have all the monsters appear as though they were standing next to and behind real buildings.We chose Quake for this project as the source code is now freely available, meaning we didn’t have to write our own game from scratch, and even though Quake is getting a little “Long in the Tooth” as far as “First Person Shooter” (FPS) games go, this technology could be added to the latest games.

A good example of why open source is a very good idea. If id software wanted to leverage this work for some future game, they’d have a much easier time of it since this project was built on their old software. If you’re not making any money off of it anymore, why not throw it out there and see if the community finds new ways to make it interesting?

Via BoingBoing