Google Toilets

By Deane Barker on December 15, 2003

Digital revolution leaves Google feeling quite flush: Amazon may have whiteboards in their elevators, but Google has the baddest toilets on the planet.

The noted Internet search engine has recently installed digital toilets at its Mountain View offices […]

And not just any old digital toilet. Japan’s Toto, the world’s largest toilet maker, has taken a bidet and added an impressive array of high-tech wizardry to create the Jasmin Washlet, a remote-control, computerized toilet seat with more functions than your VCR. It is all intended to — how shall we say this? — cut down on paperwork.

They need these toilets, because the average dotcom generates so much…oh, forget it. You can read more about the uber-toilet here.

[…] gentle aerated front and rear warm water cleansing feature. Activated by a convenient remote control, [with adjustable] water temperature, water pressure, and the direction of the gentle aerated stream. The massage feature operates a gentle cycling motion for the best cleansing action.

[…] mild air drying that can be adjusted to three temperatures.

[…] an inviting heated seat that can also be adjusted to the warmth you prefer.

[…] deodorizing catalyzed disk fan system quickly eliminates toilet odor.



  1. They’re selling these at Lowe’s now. I saw one the other day while passing by the bath area. Any toilet you need an instruction manual to work is more trouble than its worth.

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