Santa Claus Content Management

By Deane Barker on December 15, 2003

Avoid Santa Claus approach to content management: Great essay here on content management from Gerry McGovern.

The Santa Claus approach to content management creates a content management software wish list. It believes in the magic of technology to sweep away any and every problem. Typically, those who believe in Santa don’t believe in defining their processes, or figuring out just why they need a website in the first place.

Content management starts with processes and people, and not with technology. Remember, low-tech isn’t bad. More content management has been accomplished with FrontPage than with all the enterprise CMS systems combined. Throw in a little Perl and you may have everything you need.

On a related note, I love what he says about portals.

Even people who are implementing portal technology can’t fully explain what exactly the benefits are. So, I’ve come up with a definition of a portal: ‘A portal is a website that costs you four times more.’