Canadian MP3 Player Tax

By Deane Barker on December 15, 2003

Canada to charge music royalties on MP3s: They had been considering putting the tax on ISPs.

The cost of an MP3 player will increase in Canada after the government’s copyright agency decided Friday to charge a tax of up to $19 per unit to reimburse singers and songwriters.

The new levy on MP3s will use a sliding scale depending on memory size: $1.50 for units with up to 1 gigabyte, $11.25 for 1 to 10 gigabytes, and $19 for devices of more than 10 gigabytes.



  1. Just when you think the US is screwed up Canada decides they need some attention. I always thought that Canada would be a nice place to live. Pretty much like the US, but the rest of the world doesn’t hate you. I guess that doesn’t matter when you pass laws that piss off your own citizens. Following this logic, beer should be taxed because I MIGHT drive drunk and kill somebody.

  2. Actually, that IS one of the reasons they tax beer. At any rate, Canada is also trying to legalize pot, so I suppose a lot of them will stop caring too much about the rising price of MP3 players.

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