And the Biggest Database in the World Is…

By Deane Barker on December 11, 2003

Survey Ranks Top Ten Biggest, Most Popular Databases: Let’s try to do an import of one of these databases into Microsoft Access.

Taking home the prize for largest database size for all OS environments and Unix, for the DSS portion was France Telecom boasting 29.2TB. France Telecom uses Oracle Corp. as its DBMS, Hewlett-Packard Co. as its storage and system vendor, and employs an SMP (symbol manipulation program) architecture.

In the Windows comparison for database size, ComScore Networks Inc. came in first with 8.9TB for its database. ComScore relies upon Sybase and its Sybase IQ offering as its DBMS, Dell for its systems, and EMC as its storage provider in a clustered architecture. In 2001, ComScore finished on top in the same category with only 1.5TB.



  1. This is a horrible answer, i need to know THE biggest database in the world for homework but this says much more than just one. Please simplify

  2. Oh my god, its the freaking Domain Name System (DNS)…. the database that matches website names to actual IP addresses. It is the largest distributed database in the world, administered by thousands of DNS servers and millions of people. Everytime you type in a website address, it queries the local DNS server for the IP address, if that server doesnt know, it queries the next one above it, and so forth and so forth until it finds a DNS server that knows the IP address of a particular website.


  3. Google in the biggest database on earth. Then it goes something like eBay and then lexis nexis

  4. what a nightmare this one is! i also have to find out for homework! why do my techers hate me?

  5. I have an idea! Maybe the answer has been under your nose all along! The internet! Surely this is the worlds biggest database-wouldnt you agree?

  6. this is not rite………i need 2 no this b4 2mrw bcause i have a computer test n 2-3 wks nd this reali doesnt help me at all

  7. world largest database is SLAC DATABASE,its current size is more than 488 Terabytes,its amazing that they guys are handeling biggest database,i am proud of you guys and pray to god that please also provide a chance for working and gaining a knowledge with these extra ordinary and great guys…….

    hope you will doing well

  8. Has the biggest Database in Europe, hosting as the monopolistic Telephone Service Provider in over 170 countries. If you think that every call that is made any any of these countries is logged on a database. Every call made to or from a public phone is also logged into the database. If you take a look at business’s with call centres that reach employees of over 1000 desk opearitves making calls of between 50 and 150 a day each… there are millions of companies just like them.

    The worlds Biggest Database is BABAR, you know that particle smasher? Yeah that things… 500,000GB or 500TB and growing, over 500GB of data is pulled off from that machine and such.. per day… The data could fill 1 Billion books.. thats 60 times more than the library on Congress in the USA

  9. I have no idea what is this saying, I need a simple answer that I could UNDERSTAND? My homwork is due soon!

  10. It depends. If you consider the complete DB including what is present on tapes then World Data center is the biggest one 6.2 Petabytes(6200 TB) But if you are looking for a DB which can readily be accessed by a SQL then it is YAHOO and yes not Google. Yahoo had over 1 Petabyte in DB readily available by SQL sometime last year and I am sure now it must be around 1.8 Petabytes. Amazing.

    I remember one of my previous clients had just 200 GB of data and it used to crash almost once a month. Imagine what that would hav edone to Yahoo.

    1. Library of Congress, US
    2. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    3. Amazon
    4. YouTube
    5. ChoicePoint – American population data collection organization
    6. Sprint – Telecommunication company
    7. Google
    8. AT &T
    9. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, US
    10. World Data Centre for Climate, run by Max Planck Center US and German Climate Center
  11. This is stupid! How hard is it to just say “The largest database in the world is __” and the answer actually be right! Students across the globe have homework and stupid crap like this is taking up valuable time that would be better spent at a site that actually HELPS students, NOT waste their time!

  12. The biggest database in the world is top secret. Nobody knows about it. The biggest database in the world that we know of is PRODSYDB. It’s an Oracle database. Other than that the biggest database in the world is the internet version 1.0. Internet version 2.0 is supposed to be roughly twice that size so I guess you could say that is the biggest database in the world.

  13. Considering that a “Database” is generally a collection of interconnected nodes containing information that can be communicated through pre agreed protocols, copied and queried, then surely the human species and what is contained within our brains is, as a whole, the biggest database on the planet.

  14. There are over 21 companies with >1 PB + databases now. (By database i am refering some system you can connect to and run SQL.) These all run teradata. Are they the largest in the world. not sure. the largest I Know of in potential size is eBay. Last year they had 2 databases. One on greenplum with 6+PB and a 2+PB on Teradata. I would imagine that there are scientific, security type databases that would make those look small. Google i imagine would be the largest on the planet.

  15. what crap is this…the question is which is the largest database in the world…eg. nasa, css (BT) or google?????

  16. I guess the Internet since it consists of many oublic and private networks connected to each other and using each other as sources of digital data which i guess forms a database, where you can call everyone who is connected to it a book or a reader.

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