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By Deane Barker on June 6, 2003

Chris threw down the gauntlet the other night by shilling for Awasu and claiming:

“The only thing I can see that NewsGator has on Awasu is the ability to see a consolidated view of all subscriptions, so I can can sort all new items by date regardless of where they came from. Otherwise, it’s fantastic.”

Well, after using NewsGator for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed three things that have become awfully handy and exist only because of the integration with Outlook:

Forwarding items. Since each item retrieved by NewsGator is a Post item in Outlook, it’s easy to just hit “Forward” and have the entire item captured in an email ready to forward to someone.

Categorizing items. You know how you drag emails around in Outlook to different folders? You can do the same thing with NewsGator. I have folders for “Reference,” “Read Later,” “Post On,” etc. When I see something I like and want to keep around, I just drag it to a folder.

AutoArchiving. Items in NewsGator are subject to Outlook’s Auto-Archive feature just like anything else, so I can archive all items after 24 hours, keeping the base news folder under control while leaving the stuff I’ve put in other folders.

There, beat that.



  1. Sigh. This is a bit harder but here goes…

    1) Forwarding items. Right-click on the entry in the item pane (the top part of each channel’s window) and choose “Email URL”. Not quite the same but I would rather email a link rather than the content anyway. The email can be customised as well, btw.

    2) Categorizing items. Awasu maintains a list of items that you can add stuff to for reading later (the Workpad’s read-me list). Not quite as good but it’s a start. We will be adding support for multiple lists in the near future. We are also working on archiving/search right now and there will be a facility to bookmark and otherwise organize archived items.

    3) Auto-archiving. Coming soon. And we will be having a significantly better search engine than Outlook’s (we have a lot of experience with writing search engines). And many people would argue that not having to run Outlook is a bonus in itself :-)

    Beat that? Well, not quite, but you can’t argue with the price :-)

  2. This is the second entry you’ve found on this topic within FIVE minutes of posting. How are you finding this stuff so quick?

  3. Within five minutes?

    Your post: June 6 01:32 am My reply: June 5 10:49 pm

    How’s that for service! Sometimes it’s good living in Australia :-)

    Seriously, just luck, I guess. Awasu did an update of your feed just at the right time. The first one I got from Feedster – I’m subscribed to a search of “Awasu”.

  4. BWT, you know what would be cool? Email/RSS notification of replies.

    Although it looks like I personally may not need them :-)

  5. Wow, I feel about an hour late to the party. :-) Just to elaborate on some of the NewsGator features you brought up, Deane:

    1) Not only can you forward items, but you can click Reply to reply to the author via email if the feed contains enough information. If you’re using Outlook 2003, and the author is one of your MSN Messenger contacts, you can IM him. Want to put an item in an Exchange public folder? An IMAP store? Drag it over. Want to post to your weblog? Click “Post to Weblog”.

    2) Categorizing gets even better than that! :-) Not only can you drag stuff into certain folders as you mention, but if you’re using OL2003, you can mark items for follow-up with multiple follow-up settings, and they will show up in the default “For Follow Up” search folder.

    Heh…sorry this sounds like a sales pitch – I just get excited about this stuff. :-)

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