Fixed Width Designs

By Deane Barker on December 11, 2003

The benefits of a fixed width design: A good argument about fixed-width design. I always advocated fluid design, but there are too many problems with it. As screen resolutions get bigger, it gets harder and harder to read Web sites that go from wall-to-wall.

Making your readers feel comfortable is a major factor in making a web site sticky, web designers are starting to adopt these usability findings. For designers the recommended ideal line length is around 30em or 450pixels and because we cannot rely on CSS properties of min-width and max-width, the best way to achieve readability is to fix the width of the design.

He does a quick survey of popular blog sites, and finds that they’re all fixed-width.



  1. Ha! I can’t believe my eyes. It must be getting cold in Hades right about now. I guess it took somebody besides Kara and myself to provide a convincing argument.

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