Iron Mountain

By Deane Barker on December 11, 2003

Moving data to the mountain: This is just so cool; right up there with spy satellites and anti-rocket laser cannons.

In response to the resulting surge in demand for safe and secure digital records storage, Iron Mountain earlier this year opened a 5,000-sq.-ft. data center inside its secret underground facility. The data center includes 24TB of storage capacity and the equivalent of 1,586 T1 communication lines connecting it to the world above. […]

An IT vice president at a large New York brokerage, who asked not to be named, says his company sends Iron Mountain some 2 million e-mails and instant messages per week. The messages flow continuously over two dedicated lines — one to a data center in Boston, the other to the Pennsylvania facility. The company has also set up an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) over the Internet as an emergency backup channel.

I can’t read about this without flashing back to perhaps the greatest of hacker movies: Wargames. That NORAD complex sounds exactly like what they’re describing here.

The facility has its own Web site. I wonder if I can get a single gigabyte there?