Music Archive to be Deleted

By Deane Barker on December 11, 2003

Mike Robertson on CNet recently bought, but apparently they just bought the site and the URL, not the music archive. Vivendi — the currently owner of — is consequently going to simply delete the archive.

Mike Robertson, current CEO of Lindows and founder of is has written an open letter trying to persuade Vivendi to change their minds.

A few days ago [Vivendi Universal] sent out the announcement that the url had been sold and the new owner was not taking possession of the music and band pages. This means the music will die, disappear, and vanish forever. is a global treasure.

First off, it is the largest music site in the world, nothing else is even close. And as I mentioned, it contains a diversity of music found nowhere else. If you want Britney Spears, there are lots of places to go. If you want Brittany Bauhaus, Brittany Lacy, Brittany Frompovich, or even Lymp Brittany, is the one place in the world you’ll find them. On December 2nd, their sites there will no longer exist.