SCO Hacked Again

By Deane Barker on December 11, 2003

SCO Group Web site allegedly hacked again: Of all the demographics on the Net to piss off, old-school Unix hackers wouldn’t be my first choice.

The denial-of-service attack started at 6:20 a.m. ET Wednesday and continued through the day, said Blake Stowell, spokesman for the Lindon-based company.

Unidentified attackers managed to compromise several thousand computers and install software so that they would send out the requests to SCO’s servers at the same time.

Besides the Web site, the attack shut down the company’s internal network — including e-mail and customer support operations. Only the Web site remained down Wednesday afternoon.

This is the third time. SCO should have tried to steal some greeting card software — that would have been so much safer. I mean, who do you cut off in traffic — the nerdy guy in an Accord, or Billy Bob in his pickup with tires taller than your car and fake testicles hanging from the differential? (I actually saw one of these the other day.)