Napster Gift Cards

By Deane Barker on December 11, 2003

The Napster Card: DId you know you can buy Napster gift cards at Best Buy? It’s a gift certificate for the online service that the recipient can use to pay for music. Brilliant.



  1. I just bought a Napster Gift Card and I honestly rate them maybe a 1/5 stars. It doesn’t actually buy any music, it only allows you to download and use their music. You still have to pay the 99 cents per song to put them on CDs and /or Mp3s. But, that’s just my opinion.

  2. My daughter’s mp3 player doesn’t allow her to use the “napster to go” so she has to pay the 99 cents / song. There is a Napster Gift card that gives you 60 downloads for $49.99 – so it is a savings. It works great and she was very happy to download to her 60-song limit. GREAT XMAS IDEA FOR THE MUSIC ENTHUSIAST!

  3. did you know that Best Buy, Target, and Giant no longer carry Napster gift cards? Why? I don’t know, but if you find out, please let me know

  4. VERY UNHAPPY with the Napster Gift card experience.

    It seems like a great idea. I wanted to get Napster gift cards for Christmas. Napster doesn’t offer them for sale online and I couldn’t find them at ANY of the following retailers they list on their website: Rite Aid, 7-11, Target, Kmart, Staples, Giant and BestBuy.

    It wasn’t that these locations were out of stock. All of them said they no longer carried them and/or the clerks claimed to NEVER have carried them. The Those same locations were more than enthusiastic about the i-tunes gift cards.

    I use a PC. I’ve tried i-tunes but despite claiming to be compatible i-tunes has never been functional with my PC. Everything form hang-ups to partial downloads to weird error messages. Stuff that I’ve never had with Napster.

    I feel used by both companies, Napster for being so UN-customer friendly and Apple for a ridiculously overpriced monopoly in digital music equipment and music access.

  5. Napster has shot itself in the foot. It requires you to register before you can use a gift card but won’t let you complete the registration process without providing your credit card information. One of the greatest potential virtues of a gift card is that it allows you to honestly purchase music without having to hand out your credit card number to yet another on-line company.

    Napster needs to make it possible for someone with a gift card but no credit card (like my son) to register and use their services — something i-Tunes has already done.

  6. Seriously.. Stop wasting money on buying tracks .. Its extremely simple just download the drm protected songs and then simply remove the DRM using Tunebite :D

  7. Brittany, note that ALL music purchasing services do the same thing: you buy the right to play the song on your devices, but you don’t actually own the song. If anything, iTunes is worse at this; they basically say you can ONLY play it on their iPods.

    Joseph, what you are suggesting is illegal. If we were going to break the law with music downloads, we might as well skip Napster and just find the mp3 file on a site like Limewire or something.

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