The Ethics of Offshore Outsourcing

By Deane Barker on December 9, 2003

Body Count: Why Moving to India Won’t Really Help IT: I don’t mean to stay fixated on this topic, but Robert Cringley has written a pretty damning piece here about the questionable ethics of offshore outsourcing.

If a U.S. employer said out loud, “Gosh, we have a lot of 50-something engineers who are going to kill us with their retirement benefits so we’d better get rid of a few thousand,” they would be violating a long list of labor and civil rights laws. But if they say, “Our cost of doing business in the U.S. is too high, so we’ll be moving a few thousand jobs to India,” that’s just fine — even though it means exactly the same thing.



  1. The ethics debate does not end when you move an operation offshore. In fact, that can mark the beginning of a whole new era in ethical dilemmas.

    One person with a website and camcorder can destroy the good name of any company – and rightly so!

    The only decent strategy these days is to run an ethical offshore facility. We help with that. Reduce exposure, be ethical, sleep at night, and be successful thanks to the consulting services of…..

    D.A., JD NYC

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